Brian Howe Dead: Bad Company Singer Wanted to Appear on TV With Ricky Gervais, According to Last Tweet

A little more than a week before his death, Bad Company frontman Brian Howe revealed that he had added a new item to his bucket list. In a tweet shared with his followers on April 26, Howe said that while he has achieved many accomplishments in his life thanks to his decades-long career in the music industry, there was one thing left he wanted to do: appear on TV with Ricky Gervais, whom he touts "a genius."

Howe often shared his love of Gervais. Along with tweets about sports and trips he had taken, the past several months saw the singer tweet using the "Ricky Gervais" hashtag three times. On Feb. 5, he stated his wish that the comedian was American, writing that, "he would easily have become president" while also acknowledging that Gervais, who has seen himself swept up in controversy on a number of occasions, "would have been impeached within 24 hours."

Howe even had a few words for Gervais following his controversial opening monologue at the 2020 Golden Globe in January. During the monologue, Gervais took aim at all of the big names, including a quip that he arrived to the event in a car with a license plate "made by Felicity Huffman," while stating that he didn't "care anymore" because this would be the last time he was hosting.

Just a month earlier, in December of 2019, Howe had again praised Gervais as a "genius." Stating that "the word genius is overused," Howe said that the comedian had "changed humour into much more than just funny…it's Poignant and touches areas that just humour cannot." Howe said that Gervais is "a genius. Pure and true" and "also a funny f—er."

The lead singer of Bad Company, getting his start with the band on the 1983 album Penetrator, Howe passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 66. According to a relative, the singer suffered cardiac arrest at his home and possibly passed away on the ride to the hospital. At this time, an official cause of death has not been revealed.