Bob Oderkirk's Son Breaks Silence, Updates 'Breaking Bad' Star's Status

Late Tuesday night, it was reported that Bob Odenkirk collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul. He [...]

Late Tuesday night, it was reported that Bob Odenkirk collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul. He was subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment. Now, Odenkirk's son, Nate Odenkirk, is speaking out about his father's condition.

On Twitter, Nate released a statement with a brief update about his father. While he didn't reference his dad by name, Nate wrote that "He's going to be okay." His tweet serves as a great sign that Odenkirk is going to be alright following that aforementioned medical emergency. Fans definitely appreciated Nate's update, which he pinned to his Twitter account. The tweet has already garnered over 178,000 likes and counting.

TMZ reported on Tuesday evening that Odenkirk was hospitalized after he collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul, a Breaking Bad spinoff series. The emergency came about as the cast was filming the show on the Sony Lot in Culver City on Tuesday morning. The incident reportedly occurred at around 11:34 a.m. local time, as that is when law enforcement received a 911 call about a situation on the set of the drama. Odenkirk reportedly collapsed on the set of the series and was promptly surrounded by members of the crew. One of those crew members called an ambulance and the actor was then transported to the hospital.

Odenkirk was in the middle of shooting the final season of Better Call Saul, which is slated to premiere in early 2022. The show originally premiered in 2015, two years after Breaking Bad's run came to an end. In the lead-up to the final season's premiere, Odenkirk has been speaking out about what fans can expect. He's also spoken out about how he feels about the show coming to an end. According to Odenkirk, he has "very mixed feelings" about Better Call Saul's eventual finale. He told Digital Spy, "I don't think you can watch the show, and I can't play this guy, without growing to want him to succeed, and liking him, and wanting to be a better version of himself, is really what I want. I'm not sure that's where he'll end up, though." The actor went on to say that although he does have mixed feelings about the show ending, he is looking forward to playing other characters, as he said that he has played Saul Goodman "a long time."