Bob Barker, Former 'Price Is Right' Host, Spotted Looking Cheerful at 95

Former Price Is Right host Bob Barker was recently spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, and the [...]

Former Price Is Right host Bob Barker was recently spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, and the 95-year-old TV icon was looking quite cheerful. In photos and video published by the Daily Mail, Barker is seen being pushed down a sidewalk near a small restaurant. He has a smile on his face and appears to be dressed very comfortably, and he travels with a small entourage that appears to include two medical professionals who are likely there to help care for the elderly TV personality.

Barker has dealt with a handful of health issues over the past few years, with one being in October 2018, when he was taken to the hospital due to non-emergency back problems.

At the time, his manager explained that "it was painful and difficult to get him in a private vehicle" but that that they "decided it was easier and better for him." Just a day later it was reported that Barker was "awake and alert" as well as "resting and going through evaluations."

Barker experienced another scary situation back in 2015, when he had a fall in the front yard of his home that caused him to hit his head. He later explained what happened, saying "I just went for a little stroll. Harmless, and I ended up in the hospital." He then added that the fall happened because he accidentally stubbed his toe.

"I started to fall forward, and I didn't want to land on the cement so I twisted and landed right over here but my head was on the cement and so I cut my head all up and cut my knee and scraped it," he revealed.

Barker took another fall earlier this year, in January, which nearly landed him in the hospital again. According to reports, paramedics arrived at Barkers home after being called, but they did not take him ti the hospital.

Later, a rep for Barker issued a statement on the situation, saying, "He's overly cautious at the moment because of his previous back injury," and later adding that Barker practices "some occasional physical therapy to strengthen his back."

Barker is most well-known for his time as host of the legendary game show, The Price is Right. He hosted the series from 1972 until 2007, when he retired and turned it over to comedian Drew Carey.

Photo Credit: Getty Images