Blake Shelton Teases He's 'Naked From the Waist Down' While Filming 'The Voice' Amid Quarantine Episodes

Has Blake Shelton been naked from the waist down while being a judge on The Voice since confined to his home amid the coronavirus pandemic? He's not denying it after joking that he was rocking a half-birthday suit. In a virtual press conference just ahead of the season finale, Shelton joined fellow judges, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and John Legend, along with host Carson Daly, when the country music singer said he's been "completely naked from the waist down" this whole time because it's a lot more "comfortable."

"We don't have any kids or any family members [there]," he said according to PEOPLE. "I feel more comfortable. I feel more free." After a reporter searched for more details, he was asked if he's had any "close calls on camera" and he said, "I sneezed at one point, and there was some floppage. But it didn't make it on the camera." Clarkson threw in some humor after his comment saying, "Hopefully everybody at home has some binoculars!"

Shelton gave credit to his girlfriend and former Voice judge Gwen Stefani for helping him with glam ahead of their segments and highlighted her brother who's been helping with the production part. "Gwen's been doing hair and makeup for me. She likes doing that stuff. Gwen's brother is here and that's who has been doing all of [the technical] stuff. If he wasn't here, I'd be screwed." Both singers have been isolating at Shelton's Oklahoma ranch since everyone started quarantining from home in mid-March. The two have kept busy from staging photoshoots to Stefani giving him a drastic haircut.

Clarkson, who's been filming the show from Montana cabin, gave credit to her significant other for helping her stage the perfect setup as she tries to navigate being out of the studio. "My husband [Brandon Blackstock] is now a lighting technician, an audiovisual technician, a director and he's also playing cowboy on our ranch," she said. "He's got his hands full. We both, definitely, have our hands full. It's not just this job, it's [my] TV show and making records. We're still making records. It's a lot of new things happening for us, and we're trying to get it done." She then gushed over Blackstock adding, "None of this would be happening without my partner in crime."


Jonas revealed that his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, loves the show so much that "she gets mad" at him if he tells her anything, she wants to watch it live with everyone else. "So I remain quiet when we walk back after we wrap up, and I act like nothing happened. Then we go watch it." While she may not aid in lighting or in anything technical, she does help with his hair and makeup. As for Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen, he says she hasn't helped much with any coaching per se, but she has helped film a few of their segments and adventures.