Blac Chyna's Rapper Ex-Boyfriend Reveals He's the Other Person in Leaked Sex Tape

The man in Blac Chyna’s leaked sex tape has revealed himself, but he isn’t coming forward out of pride.

Chyna’s ex-boyfriend Mechie admitted to TMZ that is the male involved in the clip, which he claims was shot in July of last year. A rep for the rapper said that the explicit video, which never showed his face but included his vocals, was recorded by him, but it was all captured on Chyna’s phone.

The rep said Mechie never had his own copy of the indecent scene and he has no idea how someone would have obtained it. Mechie is just as angry as Chyna that the nearly 90-second clip of their encounter was leaked on Twitter by an anonymous user on Monday morning, the rep added.

Before Mechie exposed himself as the male in the video, Chyna had enlisted the help of law enforcement to track down the person who posted the clip to social media. While Mechie’s face is not shown in the video, Chyna is clearly recognizable.

Chyna's attorney, Walter Mosley, told TMZ that he cannot comment on the video, but did say that "it's a criminal matter" and that he and Chyna are contacting police to investigate.

Power attorney Lisa Bloom, who also worked with Chyna on a previous case against Rob Kardashian, told that it was another case of "revenge porn."

"Revenge porn — posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images — is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse. It's also a cruel attempt to slut shame women for being sexual," she said. "I'll be reviewing these options with my client and we expect to take action very soon."

Chyna previously found herself embroiled in another case of “revenge porn” when ex-fiance Rob Kardashian posted nude photos of her on Instagram, as well as clips of her making out with Mechie.

Kardashian claims to have posted the NSFW images and videos after she allegedly slept with another man soon after being with him. He also shamed her for exploiting him for money, coaxing him into footing her bills for plastic surgery and luxury items.

After Instagram shut him down, Kardashian moved his rant over to Twitter, where the last thing he wrote was, "I truly thought Chyna wanted to be a family and that's why I was so loyal to her but I learned my lesson and everyone else was right."

Chyna was set to take legal action against Kardashian for his “revenge porn” posts, but he countersued her claiming physical abuse and proceedings were never followed through.

The couple was also embroiled in a custody battle over rights to their now 1-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian, which was settled in September.

While Kardashian and Chyna reached an amicable agreement to co-parent their daughter, she is still pursuing legal action against multiple members of the Kardashian family, claiming they caused her reality show Rob & Chyna to be canceled and barred her from other business opportunities.

Earlier this month, Chyna named Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner in her official court documents that claim she was filming her show's second season when the family "intentionally interfered" with her contract.


The documents state that after Chyna and Rob split, the Kardashians and Jenners named in her suit were reportedly “displeased that [Chyna] had broken up with their brother and son Defendant Rob Kardashian” and allegedly “decided to kill Season Two of Rob & Chyna, in retaliation and used unlawful means to accomplish their goal of killing it.”

Photo credit: Instagram / @mechiesocrazy