Bill Cosby’s Alma Mater Requests He Stop Wearing Their Shirt Following Prison Release

Bill Cosby's press conference in front of his home after his release from prison was a surprising moment, but one thing stood out for Central High School. In front of the cameras, the actor was wearing a high school t-shirt for a class at Central High School, leaving the class president very unhappy.

Cosby briefly attended Central High School, but the class of 1997 t-shirt was gifted to him after he spoke at an awards ceremony recognizing student achievement. However, class president Dan Taraborrelli admits he doesn't remember giving the comedian a t-shirt but if he did, he now regrets it, according to TMZ.

Photos from Cosby's press conference shows the entire 1997 student body on the back of his shirt, clear as day. Due to this, Taraborrelli doesn't want him to wear the shirt anymore and doesn't like having his school connected to the comedian. Cosby entered the school's Hall of Fame at the time, but was removed in 2015 just before facing his charges for sexual misconduct. Taraborrelli has also been in communication with the school and hoping they'll speak with Cosby, and tell him not to support the school through his fashion choices going forward.

Cosby's conviction was overturned which caused a massive uproar among onlookers. The 83-year-old served three years, out of a possible 10 years, in prison before he was released and sent home. Over 60 women came forward and accused Cosby of sexual assault and now that he's been set free following his conviction, his accusers have spoken out about it. "My stomach is lurching and I'm deeply distressed at the injustice of the whole thing," Victoria Valentino told ABC News. "He's a sociopath. He's a serial rapist. This is a man who has no conscience, he was no sense of remorse."

Cosby was convicted of drugging and molesting an employee of his alma mater, Temple University in 2015, but denied any wrongdoing. However, The Philadelphia Supreme Court found that Cosby had an agreement with a previous prosecutor that should have prevented him from being charged in the first place. It also found that some of the testimony in the trial was irrelevant and may have "tainted" the legal proceedings. Cosby's former co-star on The Cosby Show, Phylicia Rashad took heat from the public after she tweeted that she was in agreement with his release, however, now some are saying that she's in support of sexual abuse and rape.


She followed her statement up with a new statement that clarified she is on board with survivors sharing their story and how they should be believed, but did not clarify why she supported his release. The actress, who was recently announced as the dean of Howard University Arts department, is now being asked by the public to step away after her tweet.