Ben Affleck Appears to Rewear His Bennifer-Era Watch in Recent Jennifer Lopez Outing

As romance rumors continue to stir around Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the two are continuing to give onlookers more clues that they may just be an item again. In recent photos of Affleck, he's now wearing the same watch Lopez gave him that was featured in her "Jenny From The Block" music video. Naturally, this is just one more thing to add to the list of clues onlookers are adding up as they attempt to confirm the two are back together.

Recently a Twitter user took to the social media platform with a side-by-side photo of Affleck in the music video and a photo that was allegedly taken recently, and he's wearing the same watch. "Ben Affleck wearing the same watch JLo gave him while filming 'Jenny From The Block,'" the Twitter user wrote. The watch was an accessory he wore quite a bit when the two first started dating.

Shortly after Lopez split from fiancé Alex Rodriguez, the actor and actress started hanging out again. They originally dated from 2002 to 2004 and were engaged by 2003, but called things off. Sources have come forward to say that they've always had a connection throughout the years and while no one has confirmed whether they're involved romantically again or not, things seem to be moving in that direction. Recently a source opened up and said that the two are just meeting up "as often as possible."

"Right now they're going with the flow and making plans to meet up as often as possible, but there's still some discussing to do before they officially go public," an insider told Us Weekly. Affleck has been spotted at Lopez's house and they've been taking trips together, definitely raising eyebrows from onlookers as everyone questions whether they'll get back together or not. "It was Ben's idea to go to Montana, a place he absolutely loves, and they had a wonderful time there just snuggling up and being together without any pressure," the source explained.

"They really like this low-key, romantic and sexy vibe they've got going on," they added. While it was also rumored that Lopez's recent ex and former MLB star Rodriguez was in a "world of pain" over the situation, but it turns out that's not true according to one source who confirmed he is "doing fine" following their breakup. Although an insider has mentioned that he was a little shocked it didn't take her very long before moving on, he's said to be doing OK.