Ben Affleck Admits 'Plenty of Mistakes' Amid Sobriety Battle

In the second part of Ben Affleck's interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on Good Morning [...]

In the second part of Ben Affleck's interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on Good Morning America, he's coming clean about making "plenty of mistakes" in his past and says he wishes he could go back in time and fix them but realizes he can't. Fans mostly assume he's talking about his relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, who he has already publicly revealed his emotions towards, but is now looking for a "deeply meaningful" relationship.

"There are things that I would love to go back and change. I have regrets. I had made plenty of mistakes, some big some small," he confessed. "I wish I could go back in time and change all kinds of things but I can't."

Despite being called out by Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger accusing the actor of being on dating apps — which he admitted to late last year — he's now saying that he's no longer on them but is happy for those who choose to go that route in finding love.

"I am on no dating [apps]. No Tinder. Grindr. Bumble. Humble. I am not on any of them," he said. "I don't have judgement for people who are, great. I know people who are on them and have a fun time but that's not me."

Instead, the Argo actor says he's looking for something a little more than just a hook-up, saying, "I would love to have a relationship that is deeply meaningful and one to which I could be deeply committed."

Affleck and Garner were married for 10 years and share three children together: Violet, 14; Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 7. In the interview, the 47-year-old did also admit he wishes he could go back in time and repair his relationship with Garner who he split from in 2018. As part of his string of confessions, he said that his biggest regret was getting a divorce from the actress, and as a reaction, Garner is reportedly "touched" by his truth that he's chosen to reveal to fans everywhere.

Garner "is touched by his honesty," the source shared with InTouch Weekly. "She's impressed he's taken ownership of his mistakes and sees it as a sign that he's made huge progress."

The insider added that the 13 Going On 30 actress is "proud of Ben for cleaning up his act," and how, "it's been a long hard process, but he's finally on the straight and narrow, and she's proud of him for staying strong."

In addition, Affleck says he also now takes his kids to church when it's their turn with him, which is not something he would have done voluntarily in the past as he always went at the request of Garner, however, he now says that he enjoys the experience.

"I'd like to find some sort of sense of meaning and purpose. I was not raised religious," he said. "I am not a very good Christian, although I go to church with my kids because it was important to Jennifer and now I go too and I like it."