Bebe Rexha Slides Into Anna Nicole Smith's Wedding Dress for Infamous Halloween 2021 Photos

Singer Bebe Rexha decided to dress up as a '90s Icon for Halloween, definitely toeing the line of taste. Rexha shared some photos of herself dressed up as the late Playboy model and TV personality Anna Nicole Smith on her wedding day, complete with an old man stand-in. Smith married businessman J. Howard Marshall In 1994 when she was 26 and Marshall was 89. She would eventually die of a drug overdose In 2007.

"con Anna Nicole Smith getting married to J. Howard Marshall II. Happy Halloween Eve," Rexha captioned the photos on Saturday. Her comments were quickly filled with people praising the look, proving to be a stark contrast in reactions from other recent homages. Selling Sunset's Chrishelle Stause left four crown emojis in the comments and Normani posted several flame emojis in response to the photos.

The "I'm a Mess" singer has never been shy about showing off her curves and embracing her own body, a trait that she shares with Smith. It hasn't been an easy journey to loving herself though, as she explained in an exclusive PopCulture interview in 2019. "I think the mental shift happened for me when I kind of got to a dark point of not loving myself, and feeling like I wasn't good enough, and trying to fit the mold," the two-time Grammy nominee said. "And after a certain time, it gets to your head. And you want to be loved by people, but if you don't love yourself and you say mean things to yourself, then it's like, what's the point?"


"I just had to learn how to love myself," Rexha went on to explain. "And I learned to say nice things to myself because a lot of times I would say really mean things to myself. And I think it's a journey, it's an everyday process. Some days you'll wake up and love yourself, some days you won't." However, she pointed out that this is an "ongoing journey" for her as she gets older. "I'm just learning to not care anymore what people think. I just want to be myself, and just be happy, live my life," she said.