Adult Film Star August Ames Led Tragic Life Leading up to Her Death

August Ames, who died this week from a suspected suicide, had a troubled life before her death. In numerous interviews, the 23-year-old adult film star opened up about drug abuse, mental health issues and childhood sexual abuse.

When she died, it was suspected that cyberbullying led her to take her own life after she had tweeted about not wanting to make an adult film with a male performer who previously appeared in gay pornography. However, she didn't mention cyberbullying in her suicide note.

The Independent reports that Ames appeared on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast on Sept. 13, where she told the host she experienced "a lot of sexual molestation" as a child. She did not name the perpetrator, but said it wasn't her father.

Ames said when she told people, no one believed her.

"It was just awful. It's still recent where I have to keep myself occupied or else I start thinking about all that s--- and then I fall into a depression," Ames said on the podcast. "I try to do therapy. I hate that word. I hate therapy."

She said she feared therapists would judge her because of her job in the adult film industry. Ames also recalled an incident when she was 15. She was babysitting a child, whose father offered her cocaine in exchange for her stripping.

Ames said she used drugs to avoid her issues. She used to drink and "black out every time." She also said she used marijuana, but had cut that out and stopped drinking before her death.

The adult film star, who made over 200 films, said she also faced bipolar disorder and multiple personality disorder.

Ames was married to adult film director Kevin Moore, who announced her death in Adult Video News. He called Ames "the kindest person I knew."

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