'Sports Illustrated' Under Fire for Allegedly Photoshopping Ashley Graham

If you ask the commenters on Ashley Graham's Instagram post of her Sports Illustrated photo shoot, they say the magazine has a lot of explaining to do.

The 29-year-old model and body activist shared the drop-dead gorgeous cover photo from her beachy photo shoot on Tuesday, but many of her followers aren't impressed, claiming that her booty was edited.


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Among the accusations: "Arse has been Photoshopped. Why?" "Love this woman, hate how terribly they Photoshopped this." "Her bum is photoshopped whyyyyy???" "I was just thinking that the butt is off on this pic" "I like the non Photoshop version of her bum!" "I love Ashley but she doesn't need photoshop.. zoom in on her butt."

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Yet some of Graham's loyal fans defended the photo, arguing that her white swimsuit makes it look like the photo has been altered.

"What if it isn't Photoshop but a white swimsuit?" one commenter asked. "I don't see a Photoshop here," quipped another. "The white at the top of her butt is her white bikini bottoms...Duh!!!!"

This isn't Ashley Graham's first Photoshop controversy; in February, she defended Vogue's cover from accusations of photo editing.

In the March 2017 shoot, of the seven women photographed, Graham was the only curvy model. However, unlike the others, she had her hand covering her thigh.

The body positive role model's social media followers were quick to point out that they also believed Hadid's arm was photoshopped to extend over Graham's stomach.

In a response to one fan who claimed the editors photoshopped her body to cover up her leg, Graham said she "chose to pose like that," adding that "no one told [her] to do anything."

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Despite Graham's reply, a majority of comments called out the magazine for manipulating the photograph.

"You look amazing but I am still disappointed in Vogue … Gigi's hand does not look normal to me … think they may have photoshopped you … god knows why!" a user wrote.


The month before that, Graham publicly announced that her Sports Illustrated cover was not edited.

"They [Sports Illustrated editors] did not retouch me," she told PEOPLE. "They did not take out things. They didn't reshape my body in any way, shape or form."