Ashley Graham Reveals Bloody Leg After Fall During Miss Universe Pageant

Ashley Graham fell down the stairs at the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday, and has now revealed the nasty leg injury she sustained.

Graham co-hosted Miss Universe with Steve Harvey, Carson Kressley and Lu Sierra. She took a nasty fall down the stairs during a commercial break, and rather than try to hide it from her fans and followers, she posted about it on her Instagram Story.

"OK, so I'm doing some quick a— changes, you guys, and then, of course, I fell down the stairs and I've got the medics on me," Graham said good-naturedly in a selfie video. "I'm okay, but I just wanted to let you guys know what I'm doing. I'm going really fast."

(Photo: Instagram / Ashley Graham)

The clip showed Graham sitting in a dark space back stage as two medics worked on her leg. The model had bruised and skinned a big part of her shin, and while she put on a brave face, it looked pretty painful. The medics seemed to be sterilizing the broken skin, asking Graham if she would be okay to take the stage again.

"Thank you," Graham said to the medics in another video. "It actually looks worse than it feels except for it is throbbing a bit."

In spite of the fall, Graham was back on her feet for the rest of the show. She gave a big congratulations to Catriona Gray, Miss Philippines, who won the night and was crowned the new Miss Universe. After that, Graham was back in her seat as nurses and doctors turned their attention back to her leg.

(Photo: Instagram / Ashley Graham)

"Show's over, but the doctors came to the rescue," Graham said in another clip. The medics were dabbing even more at the flowering bruise, which now stood out more than ever on her skin.

"Oh it stings, but it's worth it," she said.

Graham then posted a boomerang video of the doctor spreading ointment across the area. After that, she returned to highlights of the night and praise for Gray.

Gray took over the Miss Universe title from Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the South African representative who won the pageant last year. Gray, 24, was actually born in Australia. She studied music here in the U.S. at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and was selected to represent the Philippines by an all-female panel of judges.


Graham showered praise on Gray and all the other contestants, bringing her signature positivity to a night of competition and pageantry.