Ariel Winter Reveals Bold New Hair Color in Photo With Bulldog Puppy

Ariel Winter is ditching her signature dark blonde locks in favor of a much bolder hair color. On Sunday, the Modern Family star took to Instagram to show off her “Saturday in the rain room,” which included an adorable bulldog puppy and a fresh shade of red hair. It is unclear if the new look, which included an arm tattoo and a septum piercing, is permanent or if it is for an upcoming role.

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The photo garnered plenty of reactions from Winter’s more than four million followers, who immediately clued into the new ‘do.

“Beautiful,” one fan wrote before another chimed in with “Gorgeous.”

“Love the red hair,” another added.

Several more, however, were more curious about the new ink on her arm and her nose piercing.

“Nice tattoo!! What's the meaning behind it?” one asked.

“U got ur septum pierced,” another pointed out.

“When did she get her septum pierced?” commented another.

This is far from the first time that Winter has changed up her look and the color of her hair. After donning her signature dark brown locks for some time, in May of this year, she debuted fresh fiery red hair. Sharing a photo of herself that showcased the new dye job, Winter wrote, “part of yourrrrrr worrrrrld,” referencing Disney's The Little Mermaid, the titular character of which is known for her flowing red hair.

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It was soon revealed that the new color was all in the name of a new role. In early October, the actress made her Law & Order: Special Victims Unit debut in the episode “The Darkest Journey Home," in which she portrayed Reagan, a woman who suddenly wakes up believing she was raped after a night of partying with her friends.

In recent weeks, however, Winter seemed to stray away from the bold color. Just days after her Law & Order: SVU episode aired, the actress debuted fresh black hair, a color that she kept up until her photo over the weekend. In fact, Winter was still sporting the dark locks on Monday night when she stepped out at an art exhibition in Los Angeles, California, suggesting that the red hair is only temporary.