Ariana Grande 'Beaming' After Kris Jenner's Latest Move Following 'Thank U, Next' Cameo

Kris Jenner is apparently loving her new-found notoriety from Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video, and Grande herself is "beaming."

Kim Kardashian revealed her mom's ongoing love for Grande's newly-coined catchphrase on Twitter on Wednesday. She posted about a meeting that she and Jenner had where the acclaimed "mom-ager" said "thank you, next" in casual conversation. Grande saw the tweet, and she was delighted.

"I'm in a huge meeting and my mom just said 'thank you, next' to everyone," Kardashian wrote, with a crying laughing emoji. "She's really milking this guys."

"[Oh my God]," Grande wrote in her retweet. "I'm beaming."

Jenner had a massive cameo in the video for "Thank U, Next," which was based on some of Grande's favorite movies from the early 2000s. In one scene, she and three other girls emulated the Christmas dance scene from Mean Girls. Jenner filled the role of Grande's mom, eagerly holding a video camera in the audience. She filled the same role that Amy Poehler played in the original movie.

Jenner got to close out the video as well. At the very end, when the music is over, it cuts back to her in the crowd.

"Thank you, next, b—," she says. Last week, Grande tweeted that she was looking for a way to make that sound bite her text tone.

"Today's dilemma: I want to make [Kris Jenner] saying 'thank u, next, b—' my text tone but I don't know how," she wrote. "Sos."

Jenner has been reveling in this newest form of fame on social media. Her Twitter feed is filled with fans posting clips, GIFs and screenshots from the music video, and she has responded to many of them with the catch phrase.

Grande herself has also been basking in the massive success of her new song. The singer just put out an album titled Sweetener back in August. Since then, her life has changed a lot. Grande's long-time boyfriend, Mac Miller, passed away due to an accidental drug overdose. Later, she broke off her engagement with Pete Davidson.


While Grande cancelled several shows in the wake of these devastating blows, it is clear that she was not taking it easy. She is already planning the release of her fifth studio album, which she and her friends have been promoting heavily on Twitter, even at the expense of her last release.

Grande also remains one of the most accessible stars on social media. She takes a conversational tone with her followers, often replying and answering their many questions.