Andy Cohen Shares Hilarious Moment With Son Benjamin and Anderson Cooper Ahead of CNN New Year's Hosting Duties

Fans are loving Andy Cohen's son's adorable moment with Anderson Cooper ahead of the New Year's Eve coverage on Tuesday night. Cooper was holding young Benjamin Allen in an Instagram video on Tuesday, hours before his first New Year's Eve ever. As the baby reached for everything within his grasp, he somehow got a hold of Cooper's glasses.

Cohen posted the video of Ben and Cooper together on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday, and fans were hooked. To start, 10-month-old Ben was playing with Cohen's badge for accessing CNN's New Year's Eve Live set.

"Ben is playing with my credentials," he said. "Ben, do not lose these." Isn't this a terrible picture of your father? Horrible."

Cohen then distracts Ben with Cooper's badge instead, joking that he "can do anything you want[s]" with them. He noted that Cooper's badge was more flatter than his.

"Oh Anderson gets the hot picture. Yeah, play with that," he said.

As the videos go on, Cooper eventually begins playing with Ben, holding him on his lap and cooing. In the midst of all this action, Ben reaches out with one swift motion and pulls Cooper's glasses off of his face.

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New Year's Eve Prep Meetings are a whole lotta fun this year! See you tonight on CNN starting at 8 Eastern!

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Cooper took the moment in stride, as dangerous as it could have been for his eyes. He later commented on one of Cohen's posts, writing: "best baby ever!"

Cooper and Cohen have a friendship going back about two decades, and in that time both of their statures in media have grown immensely. These days, Cooper is best-known for world news coverage on CNN while Cohen is known for his work on Bravo both on and off the camera. However, they come together yearly now for CNN's New Year's Eve coverage.

"Andy is who he is and he's kind of the life of the party wherever he goes," Cooper told PEOPLE in 2017. "I think [our New Year's Eve coverage is] going to reflect our friendship and the comfort we have with each other and the dynamic of our relationship."

"We're as curious to see where it goes and what happens! We're both eager and excited about it," he added.


In years past, Cooper was joined by comedian Kathy Griffin as his co-host, and many fans are still getting accustomed to the new line-up. For Real Housewives fans, Cohen is a familiar sight in Time's Square.

CNN's New Year's Eve Live begins at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday night on CNN.