Amie Harwick: 'Price Is Right' Fans Flood Drew Carey With Positivity After He Speaks on Former Fiancee's Murder

Fans of Drew Carey have flooded his social media with positive comments after the news of Dr. Amie Harwick's death. On Monday afternoon, Carey posted a memorial image of the two from their time when they were in a relationship together. Though the couple broke up in 2018, several were there to offer their condolences to The Price is Right's host.

"Sorry about your loss," wrote one fan. "Stay strong and positive in this tough time of sorrow."

Another wrote that they "hope you have friends and family around today. I can't even begin to imagine what's going on in the heads of you and everyone that knows her. Take care of yourself."

"Words seem so empty when you are in pain," a third wrote.

Harwick was found dead on Saturday morning outside her Los Angeles home, according to TMZ. Police responded to a call that a woman was screaming, who were later met by her roommate. She told them that Harwick was being "assaulted' inside the home.

After entering Harwick's home, the police discovered that she was discovered unresponsive under a third-story balcony and had suffered injuries that were consistent with a fall from that height. She was taken to a hospital afterward where she later died from her injuries.

There was also evidence of not only forced entry but an ensuing struggle inside. Surveillance footage indicates a subject who was dressed in all black. Harwick had previously held a restraining order against another ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, though it had expired just two weeks earlier. According to the initial report, Harwick had told police she was concerned about her ex causing her harm in the wake of its expiration, and he was arrested for murder on Saturday afternoon.

Carey and Harwick started dated back in 2017 before announcing their engagement the following year 2018. They broke up in November of that year, though the split was apparently amicable.

The Price is Right has since halted production after news of Harwick's murder.

Harwick was a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her book, The New Sex Bible for Women: The Complete Guide to Sexual Self-Awareness and Intimacy was released in 2014, and has since been praised as a mental health advocate.