Amanda Seyfried Tweets 'Judgement' About Breastfeeding Is 'Not Awesome'

There are a lot of opinions on how new mothers should feed their babies and actress Amanda Seyfried took to Twitter to share hers.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the new mother spoke out about breastfeeding, formula feeding and about judgement being "not awesome."

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"Breastfeeding is awesome. Formula is awesome. Feeding your baby is awesome. Not awesome? Judgement," Seyfried tweeted to her followers.

While what prompted the tweet is unclear, Seyfried followed up with a quote from Maureen Shaw's Quartz article "Public Breastfeeding Shaming: America's Sexualization of Breasts Has Made Breastfeeding Seem Gross and Immodest."

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"Breasts are intended to feed babies. With all our progress on feminist issues, how can such a simple biological imperative remain so stigmatized? In a word: sex. We live in a culture comfortable with exploiting breasts to sell burgers, for goodness sake. How would you rather your body be portrayed?" the quote read.


Seyfried and her husband, actor Thomas Sadoski, welcomed their first child together, a little girl, back in March.