Alyssa Milano Pressures Donald Trump to Convert His Hotels Into Coronavirus Hospitals

Alyssa Milano is making a rare move, reaching across the aisle to make a plea to President Donald [...]

Alyssa Milano is making a rare move, reaching across the aisle to make a plea to President Donald Trump as the U.S. is feeling the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. While there was a hint of antagonization on her end, the Charmed and Insatiable actress made a request for the POTUS to convert his privately owned properties into treatment centers for COVID-19 patients.

Across the country, medical resources are becoming strapped, with a projected overrun of space medical centers coming very soon. FEMA has already began to construct temporary hospitals and treatment centers for those with coronavirus, and Milano wants Trump to personally put some skin in on the effort. While it should be noted that Trump simply licenses his last name to many hotels, there are quite a few property holdings owned by The Trump Organization.

As expected with a remark like this from Milano (who has infamously been anti-Trump in the past), the reaction was mixed. Many of Trump's supporters scoffed at the idea and wondered what exactly Milano is doing to help efforts.

"Alyssa, [Donald Trump] already gives away his whole paycheck. What are you giving?" one Twitter user wrote.

"He could never do enough to please you," a second user wrote.

"How about all the wealthy Hollywood types and their close friends? With a few exceptions, I'm waiting for them to step up and help in a meaningful way," a third wrote.

"How many houses do you own?" yet another wrote. "Why haven't you turned them all into half-way houses for the homeless? Come on, chop chop! They need homes, and you have too many of them to live in at once."

On the other side of the coin, left-leaning fans in Milano's replied agreed with her that Trump should step up.

"Not a single Trump property has been offered as a hotel for healthcare workers, hospital, food bank, or morgue," one supporter wrote, adding the hashtag "not dying for Donald."

"He would never do that. That would require him feeling empathy. And generosity. And common sense," another Twitter user wrote. "And if he did do it, he would remind New Yorkers they owe him, till the end of time."

"Wouldn't that be a wonderful, humanitarian gesture from a president to his community?" another user wrote. "What are the probability in one thousand that he would do something like this? I would say zero."

Trump nor The Trump Organization have commented on Milano's tweet as of press time.