Alyssa Milano Supports Whoopi Goldberg as 'The View' Host Calls out Bernie Sanders' 'Bulls—'

Alyssa Milano has thrown her support behind Whoopi Goldberg and her recent interview with Senator Bernie Sanders. Goldberg spoke to Sanders on Wednesday's episode of The View, where she asked him about what his "path to victory" could look like, given his recent primary performances.

"This feels a little like it did when you didn't [drop] out when Hillary Clinton was clearly the person folks were going for," Goldberg began, referring to the 2016 Democratic primary. She also asked if he could " tell me why you're still in this race?" Sanders, who is the last Democratic contender besides former Vice President Joe Biden, pushed back on Goldberg's statement at first, explaining that he did campaign for Clinton in 2016. "Just to be clear, you worked for Hillary, but it took you a very, very long time to hop in," Goldberg countered.

As Sanders replied that he has every right to continue his campaign, he began talking about a second coronavirus stimulus package he's working on with members of the House and Senate. While Goldberg applauded his efforts in Congress, Milano applauded her line of questioning, tweeting that "This moment in time is too important to take bulls– from our politicians."

Milano, who is consistently outspoken about political and social issues, tweeted in March about why President Donald Trump isn't putting the vacancies in his hotels to better use as medical workers everywhere are contending with the growing issue of coronavirus. As one might expect, it drew the usual reactions from both critics and supporters of the president.

In her work life, Milano was also dealt some bad news recently after Netflix canceled her series, Insatiable, after two seasons back in February. The dark comedy was based on reporter Jon Chu's 2014 New York Times article, "The Pageant King of Alabama."


"This is sadly true. We had the most fun creating this show," Milano tweeted at the time. "I want to thank the fans who gave us a shot and kept coming back for more. Season 1 [and] 2 are still streaming."

"P.S. Any thoughts on who was Coralee's baby daddy? I guess we will never know," she added, referring to one of the show's cliffhangers that will likely go forever unresolved.