Alfonso Ribeiro Reveals His Family's Halloween Plans, Celebrates 40 Years in Hollywood (Exclusive)

Alfonso Ribeiro has been hard at work entertaining millions of fans during the pandemic with the new season of America's Funniest Home Videos. However, he's also making sure families enjoy Halloween this year as he's teaming up with Mars Wrigley to promote the new TREAT TOWN app. had the chance to talk to Ribeiro about the new app that allows fans to go trick-or-treating virtually.

"It's an incredible app that allows kids to go trick-or-treating without actually having to go out and do it," Ribeiro said in our PopCulture@Home series. "They can still do it, but they can go onto the app and create their own avatar, do their front door, make it fun, and then they can invite family and friends to come and be part of their little group and you can actually go trick-or-treating." The app also has Candy Credits which you can obtain by going to friends and family's doors. The Candy Credits can be redeemed for actual candy at stores.

"It makes it really fun, a safe way to have a great time," Ribeiro, 49, added. "Halloween to me is an entire month. October is Halloween. This is an entire month-long of enjoyment for the kids being safe and being able to connect with family and friends." Ribeiro, who has four kids, went on to say he'll be using the TREAT TOWN app this month to celebrate Halloween. However, the Ribeiro family might go out for a socially-distant walk in the neighborhood on Halloween night.

"We plan on being home before Halloween," Ribeiro stated. "We're probably going to go the safe way and probably not go out and do the actual trick-or-treating. That's why we're down with this app because it allows us to kind of do it. We might walk around our neighborhood, you just ain't knocking on no doors."

Ribeiro is able to work with Mars Wrigley based on what he has going on in his career. Along with America's Funniest Home Videos, the 49-year-old is the host of the game show Catch 21. Fans know him from the classic TV Series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he's happy he's been able to work in Hollywood for nearly his entire life.


"I just had my 40th anniversary working in the industry last year," Ribeiro said. I just look at it as truly blessed that I even have this opportunity to continue to do what I love to do. I constantly feel that I'm not working a day in my life because I love it so much."