Aaron Carter Shocks Fans After Accidentally Flashing Instagram Live Stream

Aaron Carter's behavior continues to make headlines for the wrong reasons, leaving fans questioning what will come next. The latest involves the Marriage Bootcamp star exposing his private parts during an Instagram Live stream, flashing hundreds of followers in the process according to The Sun.

Fans managed to snag a few screenshots of the incident and posted them online to highlight Carter's increasingly erratic behavior. It is the latest troubling moment for the pop star after months of controversy and drama.

Carter was slapped with a temporary restraining order by his family, including Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, back in September. This was also around the time he debuted his face tattoo, soon to be followed by another neck tattoo.

See the censored screenshots over at The Sun.

The explicit live stream featured Carter ranting about his recent family drama and how their actions forced him to give up his guns, something he was not happy with at the time either.

"I can't have any f---ing firearms right now, because my f---ing family got them taken away from me," Carter said back in September while getting his face tattoo completed.

Those tuning in to the live stream were concerned for Carter and actually contacted the authorities twice to report that the pop star was having a "medical emergency." Though they came twice, Carter spoke to the police and they left shortly after.

Carter's alarming behavior over the past months clearly has his fans on the edge. They are fearing the worse while Carter continues to treat his family like enemies. Both Nick Carter and sister Angel obtained restraining orders against their brother, citing his "huge array" of guns and alleged threats to harm their respective families. Nick Carter even claimed his brother had "confessed to having 'thoughts and intentions of killing" his wife and unborn child. Aaron Carter denied these claims.

"I do not wish harm to anyone, especially my family," Carter said after the headlines broke. He also claimed he sold his guns shortly after the restraining orders were filed before adding that he was done speaking out about his family.


"I don't want to speak about my family anymore, really, it's just not something that I want to mention, cause I kind of feel like it's like a set-up, left and right, and I just want to avoid it," Carter said on social media.

While the latest incident seems like an accident, it does continue to paint a troubling picture of the reality and pop star.