Aaron Carter Reenters Rehab

Aaron Carter has reentered rehab after a brief hiatus from treatment.

Carter had recently entered the facility, but left on Oct. 6 to tend to "legal and personal matters" that "required his immediate and in-person attention."

Now Carter's publicist, Steve Honig, has confirmed to People that the "Sooner or Later" singer is once again receiving treatment.t

"Aaron has taken care of the legal and financial matters that required his attention and returned to the wellness facility to complete his program," Honig said.

Carter has had a strenuous 2017 leading up to his stint in rehab. He had to deal with the death of his father, revealed he struggled with body image issues, came out as bisexual and had several legal run-ins, among other incidents.

However, Carter's stint in rehab is already having visible results.

In a now deleted Instagram post, the 29-year-old pop singer displayed 30 pounds of weight gain, one of the first steps in getting back to proper health.


"Continuing to focus on myself and my health," he said. "Sorry I couldn't wait to show you till 2018...I miss you all so much. Needed some time to heal and this is a direct result."