Aaron Carter Claims He Has 12-Year-Old Son He's Never Met With Former Pageant Star Hayley Eisenhardt

Aaron Carter claimed that he has a 12-year-old son he has never met over the weekend, amid several other strang social media moments. The singer has been making headlines lately with renewed concerns for his mental and physical health, and he has responded with some shocking moments online. This latest nearly got lost in the shuffle of his other big stories.

Carter spend much of the weekend tweeting about his apparent move up to Canada. The singer was on Twitter, Instagram and Instagram Live updating fans on the new home he claims to have bought up north. Along the way, he also said that he has a son whom his fans know nothing about.

This particular story began in one of Carter's Instagram Live streams, where he admonished fans for assuming that they knew everything about his life. He said that there is plenty they do not know about him, including this bombshell as an example.

"Did you know I have a 12-year-old son? Be you didn't know that," he said. "That's because you know nothing about me. How would you? You guys seem to know everything... You should know!"

A clip from this stream went around, but never really seemed to get any big attention. Eventually, it came back to Carter, who offered up the name of his supposed secret son's mother.

"Ask Hayley Eisenhardt," he tweeted. "She’s never let me meet him. Where is my son? Hayley I think you should respond now. Miss teen Michigan... I would like to meet my son."

Eisenhardt, it turns out, is a model and former pageant contestant from Michigan, who has apparently met Carter in the past. However, there is no information online about her having a secret a child. When fans asked Carter if this was the girl he was talking about, he wrote "Yes."

"She’s living in Amsterdam and moved out of the USA and has my 12 year old son or adopted him out. I don’t know," he added.

Eisenhardt is active on Twitter, where her bio says that she moved from Michigan to Florida, then California and now Amsterdam. She did not respond directly to Carter, but posted two subtweets for the singer.

"Y'all need to stop," read one with a laughing emoji.

"My response to the last 72 hours," read the other, over a GIF of Robert Downey Jr. sighing in exasperation.

Before that, Eisenhardt's last tweet was from August. It was a good-humored response to one of Carter's tweets at the time — an apparent joke where he claimed that that he had "just had a paternity test done and I found out that I’m actually Justin Bieber's father."


"I'm proud of you son," he added.

So far, there is no new information on Carter's alleged secret son, and the story seems to have been buried under Carter's other strange claims. Stay tuned for updates.