Aaron Carter Breaks Silence Following Alleged Suicidal Reports, Welfare Check

Aaron Carter promised the "truth will come out" after police reportedly visited his house for a welfare check on Wednesday. A family member reportedly called police to report Carter being suicidal, but sources close to Carter said he believes his ex-girlfriend Lina Valentina was really behind the call. Carter and Valentina broke up over the weekend.

"I will be making a statement. #DomesticAbuse My publicist is Steve Honig," Carter tweeted after TMZ reported on the welfare call Thursday afternoon. Carter then told fans to send him a direct message if they "want an exclusive."

In another tweet, Carter wrote, "I got this. I'm tough. The truth will come out."

"I'm not afraid of my truth, can you say the same?" Carter wrote in another tweet.

Between these tweets apparently referencing the TMZ report, Carter also complained about YouTube star, Trisha Paytas. She claimed they "hooked up" earlier this week. Fans kept tweeting him questions about the relationship, but Carter was tiring to brush it off. "I'm dealing with a way bigger issue in my life. Please please try to respect until the news comes out," he told one fan.

Carter, 31, and Valentina dated for a year before he told Page Six on Saturday they called it quits.

According to TMZ, an insider close to Carter said he believes she was the one behind the police visiting his home Wednesday. She was still living with him after their break up, but Carter kicked her out Wednesday and she became angry, TMZ's sources said.

"Lina and I have decided to go our separate ways," Carter said in a statement to Page Six. "I was really hoping this would be the one that lasted forever. We had even talked about having kids, but we couldn't seem to get past our differences and the relationship eventually turned unhealthy. I've been through so much the past few years and am trying to learn from my mistakes."

Carter continued, "I don't have any regrets being with Lina, and I definitely learned a lot about myself. I think this decision was the mature thing to do. I'm going to keep focusing on my music, my tour, and my fans. Hopefully my soulmate is out there somewhere and I'll meet her soon."

"Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others," Carter tweeted Wednesday. He pinned the tweet to the top of his profile.

Carter has struggled with drug use in the past, but tried to get his music career back on track in 2017. That year, he released the EP Love, his first collection of new music since 2002. A year later, he released the full-length Love album.

Last week, Carter made headlines after he was accused of adopting a dog and "flipping" it because of a comment he made in an Instagram Live video. He denied the rumor, noting he still has the dog.

"I still have this handsome pup," he wrote. "I think what I said was taken out of context. It is amazing how much love and laughter our pets bring into our lives. It would Never be a quick money grab. Always about the animal and their well being."


Photo credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images