Aaron Carter to Bare All in New Stage Musical

Aaron Carter is baring it all on stage in his latest endeavor. The 33-year-old former child star will star in the gay male revue musical titled Naked Boys Singing!, according to Variety, kicking off his performance on Sept. 8 in Las Vegas' Jewel Box Theatre. The production is described as a "campy 60-minute" show in which the all-male cast performs completely nude. Despite having to strip down in front of an audience, Carter told the publication he wasn't phased at the prospect at all.

"I think the naked body is a beautiful thing," Carter, who is bisexual, told Variety. "We were all born naked." On Instagram, the rapper shared his casting announcement from the Tom D'Angora and Nick Padgett produced show while laughing off the haters who had something to say in the comment section. "I'm literally laughing so hard at these comments lmao, I have the haters actually jumping when I say jump," he chimed in amid the negative commenters on the post.

Carter regularly shows off his body on his OnlyFans page, where for $15 a month, fans can access nude photos and videos of the performer. "I love doing OnlyFans. I've been an OnlyFans model for over a year now, and people are very uplifting," he explained of his modeling work to Variety. "They make you feel attractive and good about yourself. I love that social media platform more than any other platform. It's not about the money. It's about the fans."

Carter has taken on a wide variety of projects in the entertainment world over the years, even boxing former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom in June in a fight in Atlantic City. "I know I can [beat Lamar]. Come June 12, like I said, like Apollo Creed said, 'I'm gonna drop him like a bad habit,' and I mean that," he said confidently on social media ahead of the fight.


Unfortunately for Carter, when the bell rang, he didn't last long in the ring with the former athlete. With Odom standing almost a full foot taller than him, the fight ended with the 41-year-old basketball star knocking Carter to the ground in the second round, securing a victory for the favored winner.