Amanda Bynes Calls Paparazzi Photos of Herself 'Terrifying' in Revealing Video

Amanda Bynes said it was "terrifying" to see recent paparazzi photos of her out with her fiance, Paul Michael. The former child star has been back to dabbling with social media and fame, but she is still not pleased to find random candids of herself out and about. In a new video on Instagram, she went so far as to say that the pictures are being edited.

Bynes took to Instagram Thursday with a video of herself speaking straight to the camera. She sat in a verdant garden with a stone fountain and lush plants, apparently perched on a red couch. She explained calmly how unnerving it can be to see a photo of herself surreptitiously snapped while she is out and about.

"Hey y'all, I wanted to post a video today to talk about paparazzi and self-worth," she said. "Whenever I see a paparazzi photo, the majority of the time I look nothing like myself. I'm talking 16 chins, face looks completely different and it's an all around terrifying experience to look myself up online, quite honestly. Like, I'm about to cry just thinking about it."

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Bynes said that she did not have an unrealistic expectation that she would look good in every single photo. Still, she thought that there was something suspicious about the recent pictures she has seen of herself. Her voice nearly cracked as she went on.

"I wanted to post this video so people know that I'm just like you, I want to look my best. Of course I can take an unflattering shot, but the amount of unflattering shots that I see online, I know that my photos are being photoshopped. I just... I don't look like that in the photos that I take or when I look at myself in the mirror," she said. "That's all I wanted to say."

Bynes ended with a casual sign off, telling her fans she loves them. So far, photographers and news outlets have not responded to Bynes' accusation of photoshopping pictures of her. She disabled comments on her video, so her fans could not weigh in either.

Bynes has a dedicated following on social media, but a complicated past, as she has previously had public scandals play out online for the whole world to see. Nearly a decade ago now, Bynes went to rehab following a viral stint on Twitter, and ended up in a conservatorship under her parents' guidance.


That agreement stands to this day, and it may effect Bynes' engagement to Michael. A source told E! News that the betrothal is real, but Bynes' parents will not let them move forward with a wedding for quite some time.

"Amanda's parents are fully aware of her engagement and at this point are not approving Amanda to legally get married under the conservatorship," they said.