Haylie Duff Details How a 'Reckless Driving' Ticket Led Her to Business Partner and Best Friend (Exclusive)

Who knew traffic school could be a place you meet your future best friend? That's exactly what happened to actress Haylie Duff, who unexpectedly turned her hobby into a business alongside her best friend, and is revealing a few details about how it came to be. Not only stylish but environmentally friendly, their Los Angeles based clothing company, Little Moon Society, is an incredible passion project for Duff who admits the endeavor not only furthered her love for fashion, but brought her and her best friend, Jessica Frank closer as business partners.

"Little Moon Society is something that honestly started as something I thought was going to be just a hobby, like a little side project, and it has turned into the most incredible little business," Duff explained. "It's all ethically made clothing here in Los Angeles for kids and for women. And we're really passionate about the effects that fast fashion has on the environment, and so Little Moon is my partner Jessica and I's way of putting good quality pieces out there in the world for people that are sustainable and not a burden to our environment."

Duff went on to further explain how she and Jessica met, sharing that as teenagers, the two met at a very unlikely location that would catapult them into a solid future together.

"Jessica is my longtime best friend, and we actually met when we were 16 because we both got reckless driving tickets," she laughed. "We met at traffic school, but she had gone to school for design and had had a clothing line in Canada. When her family relocated back here, it just kind of was the perfect fit."

Duff further explained that though she had zero knowledge of the apparel industry, she knew she wanted to start something with her and is incredibly happy they did. "We have been great partners ever since, to be honest. It's a nice marriage of the two skills altogether," she added.

The 35-year-old also went on to share details about her busy life being a mom of two to Ryan, 4, and Lulu, 1. With her kids growing up in the age of Disney+, she also mentioned her excitement for her sister Hilary Duff's new reboot of Lizzie McGuire coming to the streaming network this year.

"I'm excited for it! I don't know that much about it, but I'm excited for it. I think it's going to be really cute and fun and I'm happy for her that she's doing that," Duff said.


Although she keeps a busy schedule, she has carved out a few hours to host friends at her place in support of Nonni's Biscotti "Dip and Donate" campaign to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation — a non-profit organization that funds impactful research to aid in the cure of childhood cancer.

Haylie Duff - Nonni's
(Photo: Stephanie Loren Photography )

"When they asked me to be part of this, I was so excited to participate in their Dip and Donate campaign because the initiative behind it, it's all good things," Duff explained, adding that with a simple tag, the company will donate a dollar for every tag through December. "It's a campaign that really has legs to it, you know? There's a possibility of really doing some good work here, which is great."