Mickey Rourke Shocks Fans With 'Awkward' Transformation on 'Good Morning Britain'

Hollywood legend Mickey Rourke appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning, leaving some fans with a bad taste in their mouths. The 65-year-old seemed out of sorts on the show, where fans thought he was "awkward."

Rourke was on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning, promoting his new movie Night Walk. However, fans thought that Rourke did not even seem to understand what he was there to discuss in his interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. Many were also shocked by Rourke's appearance, which some thought had changed drastically, perhaps through cosmetic surgery.

Rourke talked to Morgan and Reid via video chat on Monday, sitting at home in an all-black ensemble with a grey cowboy hat. He held a cane, and his shirt was unbuttoned to show tattoos on his chest. His face seemed a little off to some viewers, who questioned whether he was wearing a lot of makeup or if he had undergone cosmetic surgery.

"Well. Sounds like Micky Rourke. Doesn’t look like him," one person tweeted, "what on earth has he done?"

"Who even was that?? He didn't look anything like Mickey Rourke," added another.

If Rourke's appearance was surprising, his interview was even more strange to others. The movie star seemed caught off guard when Morgan and Reid asked him questions, and did not even immediately remember the movie he was promoting.

"What film?" he asked.

The movie is Night Walk, and features Rourke as a white supremacist. Once he was reminded of the project, he praised the director, who he believed in.

"It was really nice to work with as it was a first time director who wasn’t scared of working with me he was excited," he said. "It was a really good experience, I went out and spoke to some people about white supremacists."

Even Morgan seemed to react to Rourke's meandering words, trying to steer him back on track throughout the interview. Near the end, he threw out one final question, saying that they were short on time.

"We are running out of time here - what’s was it like being back at the top?" he asked.

"I never felt like I was back on top," Rourke said bluntly. "When you have been out of work for a decade then get work again I never really felt like I achieved much."


Social media users called the whole interview cringe-worthy, with some even saying that they had to leave the room to avoid the awkwardness. Even then they couldn't avoid it, as Rourke was soon trending on Twitter.

Night Walk has been making the rounds at international film festivals. It is still awaiting a worldwide release.