Halle Berry: Intruder Tries to Steal 'John Wick 3' Star's House

Halle Berry recently faced a strange situation involving her home and a strange man who tried to take it over, claiming ownership while she was out.

According to TMZ, 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin first appeared on Berry's Los Angeles property back in January, allegedly "fiddling" with the locks and trying to get inside before being approached by the actress' gardener. He left the scene soon after, but would later return months later.

In March, the man had returned and police received a trespassing call from the employees at Berry's property. They noted that Griffin was reportedly on the premises with a locksmith to get inside. Not only that, he was now claiming to be the new owner of the home and claimed to have the deed in order to prove it.

TMZ adds that Griffin allegedly managed to get one of the locks changed and even made a call to police when the employees on the premises confronted him. He reportedly pointed his finger at the workers and claimed they were trespassing on his property.

When police finally arrived to the home, they quickly figured out that Griffin had manipulated the title to fraudulently give himself ownership of the home. When contacted, Berry said she was not aware of who Griffin was and did not give him permission to be at her home.

The most interesting aspect according to TMZ is that Griffin wasn't aware the home belonged to Berry. He had chosen the home at random.

Griffin was arrested and charged with felony procuring and offering a false warranty deed alongside a charge of petty theft. Authorities set his bond at $36,000.

It is not every day that someone attempts to steal an entire home from a person, but Hollywood is full of wild plot twists. It also turns out to be the second home invasion that Berry has had to deal with.

As TMZ adds, Berry previously had a run in with another home invader. The frightening encounter happened far closer to the actress back in 2011, with Berry returning home and facing the intruder down face-to-face.


"As I opened my glass kitchen door and closed it behind me, all of a sudden I sensed someone behind me and turned to see the intruder standing less than a foot behind me, staring through my glass kitchen door," Berry described the incident according to TMZ.

No one was hurt and the home invader was eventually arrested. Still, she is unlucky when it comes to people trying to mess with her home.


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