'OITNB' Alum Ruby Rose Reveals Brutal Bruises Suffered While Doing Stunts

Ruby Rose is working hard on her next movie, and her body is showing it.

The Orange Is the New Black alum posted a rough shot of her legs after a long day on the set of The Doorman. In the photos, her legs look bruised and red due to her knee pads used while performing stunts.

"My knees are so angry from stunts, first they turned into actual angry faces," she wrote.

(Photo: Instagram / @rubyrose)

In a follow-up, she wrote, "Think my knee pads are too tight? Everything is swollen like a Christmas ham."

She also compared the shape of her swollen knees to "an actual penis."

While the The Doorman is Rose's current project, she's also braces for another action-extensive outing in the CW superhero series Batwoman.

Based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name, Rose will play a vigilante who steps up when Batman suddenly disappears from Gotham City.

She first appeared as the character, whose identity is Kate Kane, in the CW's "Elseworlds" event, which included numerous characters from the network's superhero shows, including Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. When recently speaking with ComicBook.com, she contrasted the ease of shooting Batwoman's pilot as opposed to the hectic crossover event.

"I think the pilot was more enjoyable [than "Elseworlds"] because I knew what I was doing," Rose said. "I had a script, I had a backstory, I knew roughly with [showrunner Caroline Dries] where the season would go if we were to be picked up. The crossover was a nightmare — only because you’ve got these poor actors who are also shooting their own shows and in their time off, they’re scheduling to come into the crossover. I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I did, to the best of my ability with what I had, but I really just had the comics I had read, a rough idea from Caroline which ones we would be taking from, a little bit about what we would potentially be doing in a pilot but no script, and a costume.

"So I was definitely thrown into the deep end and It was really just meant to be a mysterious introduction that really didn’t give too much away. But I think if you’re going to base the show on the crossover...I mean, do that, because you probably don’t have as high expectations as when you watch the show because you didn’t get to see that much of Batwoman. You didn’t get to see anything of Kate Kane compared to what you see when you watch the show. It’s really very different."

She also added that she has a newfound confidence about the character, saying, "I think when I go in now, I know who Kate is, I know who Batwoman is, and it’s just going to be a different experience."


Batwoman will premiere in the fall on the CW. The Doorman does not have a release date as of press time.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @rubyrose