Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Daughter Brielle Get Cheeky in Risque Beach Snaps

It seems there is a beach competition on Instagram between Real Housewives of Atlanta alumna Kim Zolciak-Bierrman and her daughter, 22-year-old Brielle Biermann. The 40-year-old reality star showcased a rear view for all to see in a snap on social media, following a similar shot from her daughter only days before.

(Photo: Kim Zolciak/Instagram)

The photo posted on Friday was captioned, "Suns out......Buns out," followed by a winking emoji.

Not to be outdone with the innuendo, Biermann's post from Tuesday also displayed her backside and a caption that would lead you to believe that it has all been planned.

(Photo: Brielle Biermann/Instagram)

"Sunny & 75," the caption on Biermann's photo starts. "But y'all still have a better view than I do."

The pair has been sharing a series of snaps from the beach, with the younger of the pair posing with friends and riding a SeaDoo jet ski and her mother walking the beach, lounging, and promoting for her followers on Instagram to eat up.

Neither has been shy about their looks or the rumors about where their looks come from. According to Us Weekly, Biermann admitted on an episode of Don't Be Tardy that her frame and shape is owed "in part to plastic surgery," revealing to her other daughter, Ariana, 17, that she "paid for a stomach."

Brielle even poked fun at the revelation and rumors about her own augmentations on Instagram, dropping a photo of herself, Ariana, and their mother, with the caption, "We went to the plastic surgeon and asked for the 3 for 1 special."

Biermann has also opened up about the pressures of looks during the recent season premiere of Don't Be Tardy, explaining how Ariana was "overwhelmed" by her difficulty trying on a prom dress.

"I think it's a very touchy subject," the reality star admitted. "I'm the same size actually now that I was in high school, I've always been kind of the same size, but you know, I'm 5'8", I'm not — I was always, like, a size four, sometimes even a six with my boobs. So, I can relate to Ariana and her frustration."

She noted that Ariana also feels pressure from her friends who are all "size negative-zero" and it gives her the feeling that she's "fat."

"People on Instagram, especially, are so f—ing rude about it that I have to monitor her page constantly because of the nasty comments."

It wouldn't be a surprise to see people get some work done when they're under such scrutiny. It also isn't shocking to see them show it off a bit for all to see.

That said, Us Weekly adds that Biermann is not in favor of her daughters going the plastic surgery route just yet.


"I tell them...'When you're done having kids and all that good stuff, worry about that stuff later on down the road, if that's what you want to do," Biermann told Entertainment Tonight. "But you guys are so beautiful and so young."

She has also defended her daughters against plastic surgery rumors in the past, noting that Brielle had only "did her lips" and nothing else.