Danielle Jonas Defends Herself After Being Accused of Shading Sister-in-Law Priyanka Chopra

Danielle Jonas is defending herself, after being accused of shading her new sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra.

Jonas — who has been married to Kevin Jonas for nearly a decade — posted a photo of herself on Instagram with her soon-to-be sister-in-law Sophie Turner, who is engaged to Jonas' brother-in-law Joe, and wrote a sweet birthday message for the Game of Thrones star.

"Happy birthday [Sophia Turner]!! my girls and I are so blessed to have you in our lives, they can’t get enough of their aunt sophie! You deserve the world and i hope you’re having an amazing birthday! love you," the caption read.

(Photo: Danielle Jonas / Instagram)

Many of Jonas' followers took this as a slight against her newest sister-in-law — Chopra — who married Jonas' other brother-in-law Nick last year.

“The low-key shade in this tho. I love sassy Dani,” one follower commented, with someone else replying, “I read it the same way… shade against priyanka right.”

Jonas was quick to shut down any speculation that she meant her post to be an insult to Chopra, responding to the comments by saying, “Nope no shade about Priyanka. It’s just Sophie’s birthday so I wanted to say happy birthday. I think everyone should stop with thinking that we don’t like Priyanka she is lovely. Iam (sic) so over people trying to make a problem.”

Rumors that Jonas and Chopra do not get along began in November 2018, when Jonas missed the former Quantico star's bachelorette party. She later explained that it was due to “moving to another house,” according to Us Weekly.

Jonas and her family did however fly to India to a part of Nick and Chopra's nuptials in December.

In a previous interview, Chopra opened up to PEOPLE about the wedding and expressed how she felt about she and Nick each bringing their individual experiences into the ceremony.

“I love that our wedding was a religious mash-up,” she stated. “We took beautiful traditions that we both grew up with and personalized them in a way that made sense for us. It’s been incredible to find the commonalities between our beliefs and figuring out how to blend them in a respectful and meaningful way.”

“Every girl dreams of being a princess on her wedding day. But I never had a plan about what I wanted it to be,” Chopra continued. “It melted my heart. Being able to have two big weddings, in India, with our closest family and friends was unbelievably special.”


“It was all tears. All tears,” she also said. “I could not hold it in. I think I was nervous and scared. But as soon as the curtains opened, and I saw his face it was just like everything settled and I knew I was making the best decision of my life.”

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