Khloe Kardashian Fans Think She Just Blasted Kanye West in Profanity-Laced 'Gemini' Tweet

Khloe Kardashian fans think that the new mom may have just blasted Kanye West in a profanity-laced "Gemini" tweet.

"Oh s—! Is it Gemini season," Kardashian asked her followers. "Who else thinks Geminis are f—ing crazy?"

At first the tweet seemed mostly harmless, but some fans are now speculating that she could be talking about West, who is her brother-in-law by way of his marriage to her sister Kim Kardashian, and has a June 8 birthday.

"Well look [at Kanye West.] Is he GEMINI," one fan joked, while another quipped, "Lol. The Kanye shade is real in this tweet."

Interestingly, when Kardashian originally posted the tweet, it came across as more of a jab at Tristan Thompson, her NBA star boyfriend who was allegedly cheating on her while she was pregnant.

While it isn't necessarily obvious in the first tweet, a reply Kardashian sent to a follower gave a hint that things between the two may not as well-off as some reports have indicated.

The follower tweeted back and asked Kardashian "what star signs" she is compatible with, to which she joked, "Who the f— knows lol."

It's notable — and a potential clue as to her current position on the relationship — that she didn't say she was compatible with a Pisces, which is Thompson's astrological sign due to his March 13 birthday.

Additionally, Kardashian also appeared to snub Thompson in an anniversary card for her sister Kim and West.

(Photo: Kim Kardashian / Instagram)

In a note to the couple, Kardashian wrote, "Happy anniversary Kimye. Love always wins!!" She then signed the card from "KoKo and True," acknowledging herself and her infant daughter, but leaving Thompson's name absent.

The suspected snubs come as bit of a surprise, considering that Kardashian has reportedly been putting in efforts to forgive Thompson for his indiscretions.

The couple have reportedly been trying to save their relationship, with recent headlines indicating that they are attending couples therapy.

“Tristan had no interest in going, but Khloe insisted on it,” a source close the couple reportedly said, according to Radar Online.

“Her sister Kim advised her that it was a good idea, because their relationship was already going to be a challenge with a new baby around, let alone a cheating scandal hanging over their heads,” the source continued.

“The sessions have been difficult,” the source added, commenting on the couple’s conversations with a professional therapist. “Their fights are monumental at the moment.”


Eventually the source also revealed that Kardashian and Thompson “barely talk — except when it comes to the baby — but there have been some very frank discussions during the session.”

The relationship seems unlikely to survive,” the source finally said. “Friends think there’s no way Khloe wants to raise her daughter in such a toxic environment.”