Jessica Simpson Gives Leggy Look Inside Packed Footwear Closet

Jessica Simpson showed off her extensive shoe collection on Saturday with a leggy photo on Twitter.

jessica simpson shoes twitter
(Photo: Twitter/Jessica Simpson)

"Decisions, Decisions," she wrote in the caption to a photo of herself sitting in her shoe closet. She added the hashtag "Shoe Crush Saturday" and tagged her Jessica Simpson Collection.

Simpson's collection includes a wide variety of shoes and colors, available at different department stores across the country.

Simpson also has an NSFW love of men's five-toed shoes. Back in January, she posted a picture of her husband Eric Johnson wearing the Nike shoes. "My husband’s shoe game makes me want to bang," she wrote in the caption.

Simpson's shoe line is only one part of her Jessica Simpson Collection empire, which also includes clothes, accessories and home products. According to CBS News, the brand is now a billion-follar-a-year-business.

"People are shocked that they like my brand," Simpson told CBS News last year. "Maybe 'cause it's not that expensive? Or maybe because I was a cheesy pop star back in the day? I have no idea. But you're gonna like my shoes, damn it!"

Simpson said she makes sure she approves of everything her name is on. She and her mother, Tina Ann Simpson, are involved in the design process, which has resulted in some clothes referencing famous outfits from Simpson's career.

"We'll look at a piece and we'll feel the same way about it," Tina told CBS. "Then there'll be times sometimes when she feels one way, obviously, and I feel another. But I always defer to her because she's the boss."

Simpson said the success of her collection has given her the time to go back to music, although she has no record deal.

"I have no record deals; I am my own record deal, which is so empowering to say," she told CBS. "Nobody has to tell me what to look like, nobody has to tell me what music sounds good."

This has been a big month for Simpson. Back on May 1, she celebrated Maxwell Drew's sixth birthday. On May 14, her family grew by one dog after they took home Dixie.

According to PEOPLE, the new dog appears to be a maltipoo, the same breed as Simpson's dog Daisy, who was taken by a wild coyote in 2009 and never seen again. At the time, Simpson said on Twitter that Daisy was taken "right in front of our eyes." Sadly, she never found Daisy.

Simpson also celebrated Mother's Day this month with a mother-daughter photo with Tina. "Everything I am is because of your faith and love. Thank you for being the world's greatest Mom. I love you," she wrote.


Simpson and Johnson are also parents to 4-year-old Ace Knute Johnson.

Photo credit: Twitter/ Jessica Simpson