'Blessed' Tila Tequila Expecting Second Child

Tila Tequila is expecting her second child. The former reality star announced the news on Facebook, and made no mention of the child's father.

tila tequila pregnancy facebook photo
(Photo: Facebook/ Tila Tequila)

"The Lord God has blessed me with baby #2!!!!!" she wrote on March 2, in all capital letters. "Praise the Father in Heaven for He is merciful and graceful! I give glory to Him every day."

She then took a swipe at her "haters," writing, "Meanwhile, I find it hilarious how all the haters have been calling me ‘fat' and telling me that God is going to punish me for the things I have been saying and always trying to send curses my way. But God took all your wretched curses and turned them into huge blessings for me instead!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"

The 36-year-old Tequila is also mother to 3-year-old Isabella, who is excited to finally be a big sister.

"She is so, so excited and kisses my belly every day talking to her baby sibling! It is the sweetest thing ever," Tequila wrote.

Tequila said she was holding off on making an announcement for awhile, adding, "I found it so funny when the haters were calling my lazy when I was in bed rest because they didn't know I was pregnant!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Praise God for His righteousness!!!"

Tequila also included a photo of her growing baby bump, but said in a video she did not plan on announcing the baby's due date, sex or name. According to E! News, she also showed off her wedding ring in February, but did not reveal her husband's name.

Isabella's father is Thomas Whitaker, who battled with Tequila over custody in 2016.

Recently, Tequila has used her Facebook page to share her religious beliefs and shame celebrities she does not agree with. Last month, she called Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian a "Jezebel wh—" and said anyone in a relationship should stop following reality stars like Kardashian.

"This degenerate generation has normalized adultery so everyone thinks it's ok to be married or in a relationship and still go around 'liking' other women's photos online," Tequila, who starred in adult films herself, wrote on Facebook. "It's not ok and this is why a lot of people break up over this! Not only is it not ok, but it's also a sin! Which is running rampant in our degenerate world!"

On Monday, she claimed her prayers saved Rick Ross' life after he was hospitalized.


"Rick Ross was supposed to have died in the hospital, but my prayers helped him! The Lord heard my plea to extend his mercy to this man that he may be given a 2nd chance just like I was," Tequila wrote. "But this time....I Pray that he will bring glory to our Lord and savior, JESUS Christ who was the one responsible for bringing him out of death and destruction!"

Photo credit: Facebook / Tila Tequila