Perez Hilton Crushes Tila Tequila for 'Absurd and Horrible' Comments About Olivia Nova

Perez Hilton put Tila Tequila on blast after she shared an unhinged rant wishing death on members of the pornography industry.

The famed blogger took aim at the 36-year-old A Shot at Love alum in a Facebook post along with a screenshot of her rant, which was in response to adult film star Olivia Nova's death.

"Nazi sympathizer, former reality TV star and trash human being Tila Tequila is wishing death and illness on others and gloating at the passing of a porn star," Hilton wrote. "And I don't even think she's doing it for attention. She's just that deluded and awful! EVEN WORSE!!"

In her original post, Tequila said that, "God listens to" her and answered her prayers for pornographic actors to "die off."

"I literally just spent a prayer session TARGETING the porn industry, and I prayed that these pornstars will all fall extremely ill with infirmities, and start to die off so that everyone will flee from this industry never again to return!!" Tequila wrote. "God listens to me and gives me whatever I ask for in Jesus' name."

Then, in a strange pair of all-caps sentences, she added that she was "the queen of the South" who has "risen to condemn and judge this generation."

Tequila, whose real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, has become a controversial figure online since her heyday. She's repeatedly shared thoughts supporting Adolf Hitler and other supremacist groups, in addition to uploading photos of herself giving Nazi salutes.

Hilton's followers seem to share his disdain, as many have left comments slamming the former MTV personality.

"If there is anyone who should not be sitting judging someone else it's her," fan Jonelle Glazer wrote. "Wishing death on someone and being so cruel about a young persons passing is unacceptable, what kind of parent is she when she acts and speaks so irresponsibly."

"She is looney! She thinks she's like God. I can't stand her. I'm sick and would not wish ill, on anyone, not even my worst enemy," another commenter added.

See Hilton's post below.