Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Police Releases Photos From Naya Rivera's Alleged Assault on Her Husband

Just days after charges were dropped, the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department released more information regarding Glee cast member Naya Rivera's alleged assault of her husband Ryan Dorsey.

“Dorsey stated … Rivera wanted to show him and their child something cool," the responding West Virginia officer reported. "Dorsey advised he had a strange feeling about what Rivera wanted to show them, due to the fact Rivera normally had a strict bedtime of 7:00pm for their child and it was already after 9:00pm. Dorsey began to video record with his cell phone whatever she was about to show them.

“Rivera attempted to show her son, who was in a stroller, the stars as well. Dorsey advised he and the child seemed to be uninterested in the sights. Rivera started pushing the stroller up a slight incline … where she lets go of the stroller, causing it to roll backward toward Dorsey. Dorsey advised the stroller rolled backward approximately five feet before it reached him.”

The stroller incident caused the initial argument between the two.

“Rivera began using profane language and yelling at him," the officer said. "Dorsey advised he continued pushing the stroller, not letting Rivera have control of it again. Rivera became irate and began to strike Dorsey, with a closed fist, in the face and back of the head.”

Dorsey called 911 after being hit.

The police department also released photos of Dorsey's injuries.

(Photo: Kanawha County Sheriff)

The officer's report noted Dorsey's head and lip were visibly swollen when they arrived.

(Photo: Kanawha County Sheriff)

Once they arrived, the officer said “Rivera’s eyes were glassy and an alcoholic odor was emanating from her person," and that she "struggled to keep on track with the questions being asked."

The domestic battery charges were officially dropped on Jan. 12 when Dorsey opted not to pursue legal action.

“The family is working together peacefully and all matters have been amicably resolved,” a Rivera rep told PEOPLE in December.