Kaley Cuoco Beams Gorgeous Look at Critics' Choice Awards

Kaley Cuoco turned up at the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards this week, looking gorgeous and beaming on the red carpet.

In a photo she shared to her Instagram account, Cuoco revealed that she donned a beautiful pink sequined gown to the event, as she flashed a subtle smile to the cameras.

Many of her fans turned up in the comments to compliment her, with one person saying, "That dress is everything," and another saying of the actress, "The consistent outer beauty is because of her constant inner beauty."

While Cuoco didn't take home any awards at the end of the evening, her Big Bang Theory co-star Mayim Bialik did walk away with the BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES trophy.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory are very tight-knit and even like to play gags on one another and the crew every now and then.

However, at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con Cuoco revealed that she and Johnny Galecki once pulled a prank that did not go as planned.

During the audience Q&A session, one fan asked, "Are there pranks on set? Or surprises you plan for each other?" Cuoco then recounted the prank that she and Galecki attempted to pull but went terribly wrong.

"Our gag reels are very funny, the Valentines Day Episode for season six and the scene was us fighting (Johnny) and so we thought it would be funny if we took it way too far and Johnny would punch me for the gag reel. And set it all up and called makeup to get extensions so that it would freak everyone out," she said

"And so we did it, but I fell over, and the chair flipped over and hit me in the head. But we didn't know it did anything, and so Johnny kept going with fake punching me," Cuoco added.

"Then when we came up from it my head was busted open and my real blood was everywhere and everyone was panicked. So then I had to go get stitches and we had to reblock the shot," she recalled, then explained, "So if you watch the show, I am faced in another direction because I had stitches."