Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Shemar Moore Reveals He Accidentally Sexted His Mother

Shemar Moore once accidentally sexted his mother, the S.W.A.T star revealed in an interview with Harry Connick Jr. Thursday.

"If I got a sweetheart, I’m like, ‘Hey, girl, thinking about you and miss you. You know, when I get home from work, wear that little something-something'... you know, all that little pillow talk," the 47-year-old Moore said on Harry.

He continued, "I did one of those and I was like, ‘Girl, when I see you later, oh, yeah, it’s on like Donkey Kong,’ and I pushed send and I sent it to my mother."

Moore tried to stop the message from going through, but it was too late. He said he even tried throwing his phone in water to stop the text from going through!

“You know when you push send and that green line goes and you’re trying to stop it and you’re like, ‘No, no, no’? I was trying to stick it in water!" Moore said. "I was like, ‘Oh my god.'"

How did Moore's mom respond to the surprising message from her son?

He said he has an "open" relationship with his mother and a strong bond. When she saw the text, she told Moore they needed to talk right away. "I was like, 'Oh no.'"

"She's like, 'Shemar, you're such a jackass. You're such a jackass,'" Moore said. "And then she follows it up and I know what's coming, but it's a great line. 'You're such a jackass. You're such a jackass.' And then she pauses and she goes... Now, I can't say the last word, so I'm going to say stuff.

"She says, 'You didn't invent the stuff.'"

Moore said that was his mom "just checking me."

Moore is best known for playing Morgan on Criminal Minds. He left the show after last season and now stars on CBS' S.W.A.T.