Bob Saget Speaks out About Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Decision Not to Do 'Fuller House'

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will always have their TV dad on their side. Bob Saget told Entertainment Tonight that he supports the 31-year-old twins despite their decision not to return to Fuller House.

"People should do what they want with their lives, and when they're 9 months old and they get a job, [they have a right to stop doing it]," he said at the Stand Up for Pits benefit on Sunday. "I love them very very much, Ashley and Mary-Kate, and they love what they do and acting is not what they want to do."

"People should do what they want to do," he added.

Saget's comments come a few months after Fuller House creator, Jeff Franklin, said he's "given up" asking the twins to join the show.

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“Personally, I’ve given up asking them,” Franklin told TVLine. “The door is open, but I’m not going to be calling them anymore to invite them. They just don’t seem interested in coming.”

“It’s been three years of invitations, so they know the door is open,” he added. “It’s up to them to decide if they want to come play or not.”

Many of the Olsens' Full House cast members have returned to the show either as series regulars or in cameo form, and the twins are the only series regulars from Full House who have not appeared on Fuller House.

Saget, who announced his engagement to girlfriend Kelly Rizzo just three days after the Stand Up for Pits event, was clearly feeling the love for his Fuller House castmates, where he gushed over John Stamos' recent engagement.

"I love his fiance, I love Caitlin. I'm happy for both of them. He's my brother, so I have a sister-in-law," he said.

The 61-year-old announced his engagement via Instagram on Wednesday. He shared a picture of himself and Rizzo alongside friends George Shapiro and Katie Killean.

"In case you’re wondering, we were celebrating our engagement — and I know George and I will be very happy together," the 61-year-old joked.