'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham's New Comedy Skit Preview Is Making Instagram Cringe

Farrah Abraham posted a preview of her new comedy skits on Instagram this week, and many fans found them cringe-worthy. Abraham has been treading new territory, making her own content rather than appearing on TV, and some think that she missed the target this time around.

Abraham is putting her energy into her YouTube channel, where she hopes to recapture her success from Teen Mom all for herself. Her vlogs are similar enough to her reality TV past that fans seem to follow along, but some of her ideas have been more experimental, such as Wednesday's "docu-comedy skit."

The video began with Abraham playing a small hand instrument, half singing and half speaking words that were hard to make out. On either side of her were pictures of herself with her daughter, Sophia, one of which was included in a screenshot of an OK! News article.

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The whole video seemed to be a pretty free-form rant, with Abraham talking about whatever crossed her mind and cracking jokes along the way. She discussed her lifestyle, the people she ran into regularly and the misconceptions about her. As fans commented, however, it was not very easy to follow.

"You're supposed to actually put words together that makes an understandable sentence instead of saying random words that pop into your head," one wrote dryly.

"Is this what a mental breakdown looks like?" asked another.

"How the hell is this funny? it doesn't even make since Maybe the humor is in how bad it is??" suggested a third person.

Many people also chimed in with concerns for Sophia. Abraham's young daughter has been traveling with her and making appearances in all of her videos, and fans think it is taking a toll on her.

"Not trying to be mean but seriously maybe less time making sure you stay relevant and more time on your mental health and Sophia's school work," someone commented, "and also her being a normal child instead of a ten year old wearing way to much makeup and wearing colored contacts. Its ridiculous!"

The comments on the full-length video were much the same once it hit YouTube. The final product was just under 15 minutes long, and it sounds like the 5,000 people that had watched it did not understand much more than Abraham's Instagram followers had.


"I guess I just don't understand the humor. I'm having a really hard time following what you're saying in these videos," one person wrote.

In spite of the backlash, Abraham continues her efforts on YouTube. The former reality star has over 146,000 subscribers and is putting out several videos per week.