'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With New Photos

Fans think Jenelle Evans may be pregnant again, based on recent Instagram posts and her appearance on Dr. Drew on Monday.

Evans posted a boomerang video of her bikini-clad body back in April. While the reality TV star was showing off some of her tattoos, fans perceived a possible baby bump in the shot.


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Since then, fans have been keeping a close eye on her outfits, and many think they're getting less and less revealing to disguise a growing baby. They were especially suspicious on Monday, when she posted a photo alongside Dr. Drew.

"Did my part! Had a good conversation yesterday about many different things that will happen later this season," Evans wrote. "I think this is the most comfortable you will ever see me in an interview."

(Photo: Instagram @j_evans1219)

In the comments, fans nitpicked Evans' flowing floral dress. She got plenty of compliments on the outfit, but quite a few insinuations that she was hiding something as well.

"You're gloowwwwing!" one follower wrote. "And I think I know what that means! Lol. You look gorgeous though!"

"She pregnant... again," added another.

Evans is no stranger to rude and invasive comments on social media. As always, some fans were there to back her up and support her.

"Jenelle I think you look great and even if you are pregnant like people are trying to speculate, I'm happy for you," wrote one person. "You've gone through some hard stuff that I myself have as well and some that I couldn't imagine going through. I hope David is treating you as well as you seem to be happy."

Almost as if in answer, Evans posted some photos from the set of Teen Mom 2 a few minutes later. In them, she sits in front of a green screen on a TV set. The photos show her in full TV make-up and a tight fitting black dress. She made no indication that she was hoping to squash the pregnancy rumors, though the pictures could have been taken earlier in the season.

(Photo: Instagram / @j_evans1219)

If Evans is expecting another child, this would be her fourth. The reality star first appeared on MTV's 16 & Pregnant which featured her giving birth to son Jace in high school. Jace is now eight years old. A few years later, she had a son named Kaiser, now three, and her youngest daughter, Ensley, who is the only child she shares with her husband, David Eason.

However, there may not be much truth to the rumors. Just last year, similar speculations began to crop up about Evans, and at the time she and Eason definitively stated that they're not looking to have more children.