Selma Blair Breaks Down Crying on Social Media After She Says Troll Attacked Her Online

When it comes to social media, there's a good chance that you'll come across some trolls every now and then. Unfortunately, Selma Blair recently had to deal with some of those trolls after posting a light-hearted video with her son, Arthur, per the Daily Mail. In response, Blair hit back with an emotional video about how she's handling those very haters.

The whole matter began with a video that Blair posted on Instagram on Monday, Dec. 9. In the video, the actor could be seen playing around with her son as she prepares to drive him to school. At multiple points in the clip, she playfully tells Arthur that she's "making a video," while he looks on, slightly embarrassed by his mom's antics.

"I'm making a VIDEO!!" she wrote in the caption, doubling down on the video-making fun. "My son loves VIDEOS! Why doesn't he love mine too? A Monday VIDEO! What? I am a FUN MOM! Who makes VIDEOS!!" She ended her caption by telling her followers that there's no cause for alarm, as she was in her driveway as she filmed the video, "Also, camera movement is deceptive. I am on driveway and then phone off for the two judge mental people. Typo. Staying."

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Shortly after she posted the video, Blair received some criticism from those online.

"Are you supposed to be driving in your condition?" one person commented. "I know you at least shouldn't be on your phone posting a video while backing out."

After receiving numerous messages online about the video, Blair once again made a video (that appears to have since been deleted) in order to respond.

"I posted a video today — just how I am in a moment, having fun with my son as he cringes," she reportedly said as she fought back tears. "And there were a couple of really nasty people, and it hurts."


"There are so many other smiles and people that got it and knew I was being safe and not driving, as I'm on my driveway," she continued to explain. "And it just really hit me. So for all the people that get one of their three feelings hurt by someone online... it doesn't matter. But it does, because I'm crying."

It's so unfortunate that those trolls managed to make the actor feel bad about a simple, lighthearted video. But, hopefully, Blair will be able to ignore the haters so that she can simply focus on the positives in life, such as those silly, video-making moments with her son.