Priscilla Presley Takes Legal Action on Lisa Marie Presley's Trust Following Her Death

It's been nearly three weeks since the death of Lisa Marie Presley. The only daughter of Elvis Presley died after suffering cardiac arrest on Jan. 12. She was 54 years old. Now, her mother, Priscilla Presley, is fighting for her late daughter's trust, believing a change she was unaware of was made in error, or even forged.

Entertainment Tonight reports the former actress and the person responsible for making Graceland a historical landmark after Elvis' untimely death, is contesting "the authenticity and validity" of a "purported 2016 amendment" to Lisa Marie trust, which currently lists her daughter naming Riley Keough a co-trustee. Priscilla alleges "there are many issues surrounding" it and is asking a judge to declare it invalid.

Priscilla filed legal documents in an L.A. Superior Court challenging the 2016 amendment that named her grandchildren — Riley and Benjamin Keough — as co-trustees. Priscilla claims that she and Lisa Marie's former business manager, Barry Siegel, were appointed co-trustees in 1993, 23 years before the change when Lisa Marie "executed a revocable living trust, which she amended and completely restated on Jan. 27, 2010." Elvis' ex-wife adds that "both the 1993 original trust and 2010 restatement appear to be carefully drafted by competent estate planning attorneys." 

She alleges that it was only after Lisa Marie's death that she found a document dated March 11, 2016, that pertained "to be an amendment" of the trust, a "purported" amendment that ousted her and Siegel. Due to Benjamin's death, Riley, 33, would be the sole trustee of Lisa Marie's estate.

There seems to be some tension between Priscilla and her granddaughter. Regarding her concern for believing the trust's change should be invalid, Priscilla says "there are many issues surrounding the authenticity and validity of the purported 2016 amendment," such as Priscilla's name is misspelled and that the "purported" amendment "was never delivered to [Priscilla] during Lisa Marie Presley's lifetime as required by the express terms of the Trust." Priscilla also claims that Lisa Marie's signature on the amendment is questionable.

Presley has been memorialized and buried at her father's Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennesssee, where her grandparents are also buried. Her son, Benjamin Keough, is also buried on the grounds. He died by suicide in 2020 at the age of 28.