'Orange Is the New Black' Alum Julie Lake Expecting First Child With Husband Jeff Cahn

Congratulations are in order for Orange Is The New Black alum Julie Lake. The actress, known for playing meth-addicted prisoner Angie Rice on the Netflix series, is expecting her first child with husband Jeff Cahn.

Lake, 36, confirmed the news to PEOPLE on Friday. The couple's child, a baby boy, is due in November. Lake told PEOPLE she's a bit nervous about her new venture, but is looking forward to it.

"We're having a baby!," she told the magazine. "It's all a crazy leap into the unknown. It'll be an adventure but I am very excited about it!"

Lake and Cahn learned they were expecting a few months back, according to PEOPLE. She told the outlet she decided to take a test the night before her husband left on a trip, admitting that she was "scared."

"We did it the night before he left to go away for a bit and I was so scared," Lake revealed. "I was like, 'Wait, let's not do it!' I peed on the stick and then was like, 'No, no, I can't do this, just throw it away! Don't look at it, we'll figure it out later. We'll do it when you get back!'"

They decided to go forward with looking at the test, and were thrilled with the results. PEOPLE reported that the pregnancy test was positive, and Cahn — whom Lake said always dreamed of being a father — was " really happy and excited."

Lake is still coming to grips with the news herself. She told PEOPLE she had mixed feelings about it, but not because she didn't want to be a mom. Lake told the magazine having a baby is "overwhelming," but wonderful.


"It was overwhelming but happy at the same time," she explained. "It wasn't a huge surprise because I just felt weird immediately. I know a lot of women who are like, 'I was six weeks pregnant, I had not clue.' But I was like, 'Something is weird. I'm really foggy, I can't remember things, I felt mildly nauseated.' I knew something was off."

She continued, "I had a migraine before I knew I was pregnant. I had to go to the hospital, then I had headaches all week. Then I found out I was pregnant, then I threw my back out and I couldn't move for a week. And then the nausea started and I was throwing up for two months straight."