Meghan Trainor Reveals Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis Amid Pregnancy

Meghan Trainor is sharing how a "bump in the road" has caused her to take a whole new look at the way she approaches her pregnancy. The "All About That Bass" singer opened up about her first pregnancy with husband Daryl Sabara on Wednesday's TODAY show, explaining that she and her unborn son are doing well despite a gestational diabetes diagnosis now that she is monitoring what she eats.

"Got a little tiny bump in the road — I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but it's manageable and it's okay. And I'm healthy and the baby's healthy," Trainor said on the morning show. "I just have to really pay attention to everything I eat." On the bright side, the singer said it was "nice" to hear about the relatively common pregnancy complication and to "learn so much about food and health."

Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar that can affect pregnancy and the unborn baby's health, according to the Mayo Clinic, and affects somewhere between 2 and 10 percent of women every year. Eating healthy foods, staying active and sometimes taking medication can help keep blood sugar levels at a normal level and prevent negative side effects.

Trainor said last month on TODAY that she "got a trainer and stopped eating crap" after she was diagnosed with the complication, joking of Sabara's willingness to indulge her cravings before then as, "If I said, 'I want Fritos,' he'd be like, 'Yes, ma'am! Right away!'" The expectant mother also said on Wednesday's show that she would find a way to celebrate the holidays, as well as her birthday and wedding anniversary, in December, despite not being able to drink. "Because we're pregnant, you know, we don't drink, we don't party," said Trainor. "At this point, I don't know what we can do to celebrate, but I'm gonna be happy — and I told everyone for my birthday just give me baby stuff."

Trainor and the Spy Kids star married on Dec. 22, 2018, announcing in October on TODAY that they were expecting their first child. The "Make You Dance" singer said before revealing the big news that her
"heart's pounding out of [her] chest," before Sabara broke the big news. "We're so excited we couldn't sleep," added Trainor. "We've been waiting for so long. I was thinking about who do we tell first and I've told [Hoda Kotb] since I was 19, going to the TODAY show, 'I will have the most babies in the world.'"