'Meghan Markle Is Not Pregnant' Online Trolls Have Some Wacky Takes

Meghan Markle is the target of bizarre conspiracy theories that she is faking her pregnancy with Prince Harry.

Markle, who is expecting a child with Harry, is due any day now, but online trolls are convinced the whole pregnancy is a sham. The spike in conspiracies comes as Markle has retreated from the spotlight as her due date nears. The trolls think this time away is being used to stage the birth, which they claim to be handled by a surrogate.

There is no real evidence to support this claim, of course, but many are choosing to believe strange theories, often discussed in not-credible YouTube videos and comments from anonymous accounts.

Various conspiracy clips on YouTube have amassed tens of thousands of views. Many center on the belief that the former Suits actress is wearing a prosthetic baby bump during public outings.

Theorists use the term "moon bump" when referring to the theory, in what is a reference to the alleged staging of the moon landing, as well as a brand of prosthetic baby bump.

These trolls cite what they believe to be "unnatural" looks and movement of Markle's midsection during outings.

"I become more and more sure that Meghan Markle is not pregnant at all," one Twitter user claimed. "Especially after watching that video where #MeghanMarkle walked and her supposed baby bump moved extremely in a strange way; it was not a baby bump. That jiggling was not natural."

Others cite other bizarre reasoning, such as what parts of her body are or are not swollen and the fact that some other women associated with the royal family happen to be pregnant at the same time.


The royals have not acknowledged these conspiracies and likely will not any time soon. Markle's exact due date is not clear yet, but the baby is expected rather soon.

Photo Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images