Lindsay Lohan's Mother Dina Reportedly Charged With DWI, Fell on Face During Arrest

Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan reportedly pleaded not guilty to charges of felony DWI on Sunday. She was arrested on Saturday evening for clipping another car and driving while under the influence. On Sunday, Lohan made her first court appearance, with more to come.

Lohan was taken into custody on Saturday night, after she allegedly struck another car while driving away from an Outback Steakhouse restaurant on Long Island. Lohan tried to flee the scene, but the driver followed her and called the police. When they caught up with her, Lohan refused a breathalyzer test and then fell on her face, according to a report by TMZ.

Still, Lohan made her appearance in court on Sunday, where PEOPLE reported that she pleaded not guilty. The 57-year-old was represented by her attorney, Mark Heller in Nassau County, New York.

"Dina Lohan and I appeared in the First District Court today. We entered a plea of not guilty to all of the charges. We will be back in court this coming Wednesday, and we look forward to contesting the claims that have been made against her, which include a drunk driving charge," Heller said in a public statement.

Heller confirmed that Lohan was charged with "drunk driving, unlicensed operator, unregistered operator, leaving the scene of an accident and several other violations of the vehicle traffic law, in conjunction with a felony charge of drunk driving."

"The arrest of Dina Lohan is most unfortunate," Heller said in another statement to TMZ. "She was not evaluated for alcohol content in her blood at the time she was arrested. We have interposed a not guilty plea at her arraignment to all six charges. We look forward to attending court this Wednesday to fight the case. I was successful in getting her out without bail. She was released without bail by the judge."


Lohan herself has not commented publicly on the new case, nor has her famous daughter. Lohan was charged with DWI once before in 2013, when she was pulled over for speeding in the same Long Island area. At the time, her license was suspended for one year, she was fined $3,000 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

The arrest come shortly after Lindsay Lohan announced her intentions to move back to the United States after living abroad for about six years. The actress said she wants to reclaim "the life I've worked so hard for" during CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast.