Kristin Cavallari Draws Backlash for 'Insulting' Single Mother Comment

One single mom is not happy with Kristin Cavallari calling herself a "single parent" now that her husband Jay Cutler is living in Miami for the NFL season.

Redbook writer Christine Coppa wrote that she "couldn't help but" roll her eyes at Cavallari, who said that she'll be a "single parent for the next five months" while she and the three kids stay in Nashville and Cutler lives in Florida.

Coppa, who said that her son's father left when she was pregnant, wrote that "single motherhood isn't an identity...I can slip on and off." She even tweeted at the 30-year-old designer: "You are far from a #singleparent so please don't insult us," Coppa tweeted. "U have a husband. A dad for your kids."

"Don't get me wrong," Coppa wrote for Redbook. "I respect the fact that Cavallari didn't uproot her three children...because her NFL husband has to hit the road. It's great that she gets to stay put in her six bedroom, eight-and-a-half bathroom mansion, set on an 8.56-acre lot in the Nashville 'burbs."

"Kristin's sons Cam and Jax are now old enough to ask when their dad's coming home. When they do, she won't have to figure out how to tell her kids that their dad won't be coming home. Ever."

"Sure, Kristin will have to feed, bathe, and shuttle her three kids around alone, but there's an expiration date on her arrangement," she continued. "Oh, and she has help. Kristin points out she has her mother-in-law and an amazing nanny and 'couldn't do it without them.' On that point, I agree with her — single parents need help."

Coppa went on to list the parental duties she does by herself on a daily basis: Work, soccer practice, bedtime, laundry, bills, lunches.

Others agree with Coppa's thoughts, voicing their own opinions on Twitter about Cavallari's controversial statement.


Coppa writes that while she's a single mom (maybe for life), Cavallari is only a single mom until Cutler's time is up in Miami.

"For now, it's just the two of us. I'm not dating, but if I were, I couldn't start telling people I have a partner after a few successful nights out. And so Kristin shouldn't boast about her single mom status while her husband is away on a five-month business trip," Coppa wrote. "I'm a single mom — maybe for life. She's just a 'single parent' until football season ends."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kristincavallari