Kristen Bell Praises Children's Hospital After Daughter Rushed to ER for First Time

Kristen Bell is opening up about her first experience taking one of her daughters' to the hospital. The Good Place star took to Instagram Thursday night to praise Children's Hospital L.A. for caring for 6-year-old Lincoln after getting a "hairline fracture" and a "smushed" finger. Bell and Dax Shepard also share 4-year-old daughter, Delta.

"First emergency room visit," Bell wrote in the caption of a selfie showing her and her daughter, with an emoji covering the little girl's face, with sad pouts on their faces. "One hairline fracture and a finger smushed so hard in the door it popped like a jelly donut."

"Thank you so much to [Children's LA] for the amazing care, thank u Dr. Olsen, and Sonia our child life specialist," she continued. "Did you know that when you enter the emergency room at [Children's LA] you immediately get a 'Child Life Specialist' trained to make sure your child knows what happening? And to make sure you understand all of what's happening and your choices? It made us feel so safe."

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"And [Children's LA] follows up the next day with a phone call to make sure all is well after the trauma," she added. "Excellent care all around. Thank you to all who helped my baby."

The actress also shared she considered posting a photo of her daughter's injured finger, writing: "(Ps I'm not attaching a pic of the finger because there was literally burger popping out all over and it as pretty gross.)"

Fans of the actress took to the comments section to send positive thoughts for her family, and also celebrated her choice to highlight the important profession.

"ove hearing this, working on my child life certification! glad to know you're(sic) baby is okay!" one user commented.

"Burger popping out all over” [vomit emoji] A picture is worth a thousand words, but those 5 gave a vivid picture," another user joked.


"SO GLAD YOUR RAISING AWARENESS FOR CHILD LIFE SPECIALIST!!! I have had 4 open heart surgeries and they are the best!!!!!! I’m actually studying to be one now," another user wrote.

"Yes!!! I'm so glad you experienced the amazing services of child life specialists and are sharing it with the world (so few people know about us)! I'm currently completing my master's program to become a child life specialist and will be starting my first child life internship this fall with a placement in the ER. So I'll likely be meeting lots of kiddos just like yours!" another user shared.